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The Hottest New Home and Kitchen Products of 2024

The Hottest New Home and Kitchen Products of 2024

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Like clockwork, the International Home + Housewares Show (now called The Inspired Home Show) came and went this week. The event, which took place in Chicago, brought together buyers, brands, and tastemakers from all over in order to celebrate the latest and greatest houseware products. If you weren't able to attend the show yourself—worry not, as our Director of Editorial Special Projects Carisha Swanson was on the scene to check out all the noteworthy items herself. And, she had plenty of favorite picks to report back. Wondering what made her list?

First off, there's the gelato maker from TooA, which Swanson says she tried and loved. The lemon gelato that dispensed from the machine instantly transported her back to Italy. Kitchen products, of course, were everywhere with some of our favorites being an 11-piece GreenPan set and a toaster with a charming floral print on it courtesy of Laura Ashley. For the non-cooks out there, perhaps you'll want to check out Umbra's new modular wall planter or Character's ultra-chic toolbox. (Father's Day may be months away, but we're already eyeing this as a gift for the novice handymen in our lives.)

Ahead, we rounded up all the best products we saw and loved from Housewares that are available to shop right now. Bookmark this post, however, as we'll update it with newer items as they become available later this year. According to Swanson, there are some pretty incredible finds you shouldn't miss so get your card ready.


TooA Gelato Maker

Gelato Maker

Do you like gelato? Do you have counter space? If you answered yes to both questions, you'll want this nifty machine. "This thing is the Nespresso of gelato," Swanson says. "In five minutes you get silky gelato that has no weird artificial tastes. I tried their lemon because I felt like this would be the one that would taste the worst if it was fake and it was amazing—transported me right back to Italy." To use it, simply open up one of TooA's mini boxes containing a liquid mixture. This goes into a small beaker, which then goes into the machine. Press a button and voilà, you'll get served a delicious treat in minutes.


Umbra Cubiko Wall Planter

Cubiko Wall Planter

Umbra's known for its streamlined and sleek home goods, so it's to no surprise that the new wall planters reflect this aesthetic. The frame comes with four pots and drainage trays and can be mounted on any wall indoors and outdoors. You can position the planter vertically or horizontally, depending on your space, and configure the pots to your liking as well.


Ciarra HOOD TO GO Portable Mini Desktop Range Hood

HOOD TO GO Portable Mini Desktop Range Hood


You may mistake this kitchen appliance for a fan, but it's actually a mini portable range hood! Once you plug it in, hit the start button and set your speed (there are two options)—it'll start working immediately to suck in odor and fumes. Though this can't be used for open flame cooking, it can be used with an induction cooker, electric grill, electric heating cooker, and more. To clean it, simply wipe it down with a rag and toss the range hood filters into the dishwasher.


ZWILLING Flammkraft Model D

Flammkraft Model D

This grill comes in seven different colors, so you'll definitely find the shade that matches your home's decor the best. It's equipped with a rotisserie spit, infrared burners, and integrated, all-purpose oven trays. "This grill is expensive, but for those outfitting the last room–their outdoor space–it’s worth the investment," Swanson says. "It uses infrared heat to perfectly grill, rotisserie, or bake anything…minus the flareup because grease doesn’t hit an open flame!"


Laura Ashley x VQ 4-Slice Toaster

4-Slice Toaster

British home and lifestyle brand Laura Ashley puts its signature patterns (Elveden Navy, Elveden White, and China Rose) on a range of small kitchen appliances via a new collab with VQ, a British home electronics manufacturer. You can shop a range of beautifully printed pieces, from a four-slice toaster to a kettle to a slow cooker.


Zyliss Gourmet Drum Grater

Gourmet Drum Grater

According to Swanson, this is a "safe, easy grater that either suctions or clamps to your prep surface." The kitchen tool can slice and chop everything from veggies and fruits to cheese and chocolate. You can expect to receive a fine, coarse, and slicing drum all made from stainless steel, with the option to purchase additional graters separately.

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