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Introducing our brand new upgraded artistic glass range! It's not just an extractor hood, it's also a piece of art!

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Online-Exclusive 90cm | CBCB9736H-G

Once you pair your cooker hood with the Smart Life app via WiFi, you can easily control the power, LED lights and 4 speed levels using your smartphone.

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Customer Comments


" Lovely made frying pan. From the start you can feel that it is top quality product.Arrived well made in light pink paper box.Solid & bit heavy, but comfortable to hold in the hand. Heating up evenly. I am happy with the results when making pancakes.Nonstick ceramic coating is easy to maintain.Can be used in the oven.Bit pricey but durable.Good buy, perfect gift. "

May 30, 2024


" Pretty casserole dish 24cm in diameter, capable of holding 5.9l, this weekend I was able to make a beef bourguignon in it for 8 people without problems. "

April 26, 2024


" Well, let me tell you, this is worth every cent. Clean up just became so much easier as these pans are absolutely fantastic. I am blown away at their quality. Seriously, I have had everything from stainless steel to cast iron and I have never had pots I have been more happy with than I am with these. For starters, this set has everything you could need, especially if you have a small family. "

March 29, 2024


"The design fits brilliantly in the small kitchen, gives a feel of modern elegance. It performs as expected efficiently, the light is very good, great plus it is very quite in use. Another big bonus it is energy efficiency rating. Plus it was a good price. The only issue was communication and getting the right discount code. "

February 26, 2024


" The overall thickness and weight of the pots and pans are comparable to our other premium-quality cookware. The non-stick surface performed admirably during our cooking trials; we made a large omelet with minimal sticking. Despite using a gas stove, the heat distribution seemed uniform, with no areas experiencing excessive heat. Notably, the frying pan's handle remained cool throughout our cooking test. "

February 20, 2024


"These work with all stovetops, including induction. That's why this entire cooking set makes it a practical choice for all kitchen types - which is hard to come by these days because of our gas vs electric variation. The lids lock in moisture and flavor but also allows flow of steam because there's a small airway on each lid. "

February 7, 2024


"I think it looks very smart as my replacement cooker hood. I like that the light is bright, there are 3 settings and the suction is great."

January 24, 2024


"Very nice hood.It’s not too noisy. Work perfect . "

December 29, 2023


"Easy to install, nice looking, looks modern but it's a little loud. I don't mind because it's only on when I'm cooking and it does the job. Setting is perfect. "

November 29, 2023


"The Suction is good. The hood makes my kitchen even more stylish and easy to clean. Works very well. I recommend it "

October 18, 2023

"Good value for this appliance. Easy to install and great power.Nice snug unit. We were tight on space above the ceiling. This is fine."

September 12, 2023

"Very fast delivery, no problems. Assembly is very simple. Works great, nothing to shout about."

14 August,  2023

"No more annoying/strong smells!This is a great product, lightweightdesign, in short, we all approve it!!!"

11 August,  2023

" lt is a good device that can also beused when making a griddle, it isportable and can be used in amotorhome or other such as asmall studio. "

 26 July, 2023

" lt is ideal for anyone like me, withan open kitchen, who lovescooking (strong odors are nolonger a problem), and whodoesn't have much space in theirkitchen. "

 10 July, 2023

" Great value for money and unlikeother reviews the fan is not noisy.You don't even notice it whencooking. Love the sliding control.Thoroughly recommend."

22 May, 2023

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