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The Ultimate Guide to Vented Hobs

The Ultimate Guide to Vented Hobs

Vented hobs are a game-changer in modern kitchen design, offering a stylish, efficient, and easy-to-use cooking solution. In this article, we'll delve into the world of vented hobs, exploring how they work, their advantages and disadvantages, alternatives, and costs.

The Ultimate Guide to Vented Hobs

How Do Vented Hobs Work?

A vented hob, also known as a venting hob, is a ceramic, induction, or gas cooktop with an integrated extractor fan in the middle. This innovative two-in-one appliance works as both a stove and an extractor, eliminating the need for a separate extractor fan. The cooktop features several burners and a high-powered venting system that draws smoke and smells through a filter system. Depending on the model, it can either recirculate the air or duct it outside.

What Are the Benefits of a Vented Hob?

  1. Cooking flexibility: Vented hobs allow for larger pots and pans, as the heat stays focused on the hob.
  2. Even heat distribution: The heat is more evenly distributed, providing a hotter surface where needed.
  3. Easy cleaning: No extractor fan means less food debris and easier cleaning.
  4. Safety: Vented hobs reduce the risk of bumping into or knocking over an extractor fan.
  5. Modern look: They sit flush with the worktop, blending seamlessly into the kitchen design.
  6. Quiet operation: Mid-to-high-range models with recirculating systems are significantly quieter.

Disadvantages of Vented Hobs

  1. Higher cost: Vented hobs are more expensive than other types of hobs.
  2. Limited burner space: Most models have four burners, with no space for a fifth.
  3. Installation requirements: They need to be installed by a qualified gas fitter.
  4. Venting requirements: They require venting to the outside.
  5. Not suitable for outdoor use.

Where Can I Place a Vented Hob?

Vented hobs are best placed in the center of the kitchen, allowing for good airflow. They can be used under windows and are ideal for small kitchens, eliminating the need for a separate extractor fan.

Why are Venting Hobs Good for Kitchen Islands?

Vented hobs are perfect for kitchen islands, as they provide efficient extraction without taking up valuable worktop space. They can be installed under the island and vented beneath, making them an ideal solution for social kitchen spaces.


Vented hobs are a revolutionary kitchen appliance that offers a stylish, efficient, and easy-to-use cooking solution. While they have some disadvantages, the benefits of vented hobs make them an attractive option for modern kitchen design. Consider incorporating a vented hob into your kitchen renovation for a sleek, functional, and safe cooking experience.

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